We aren’t lucky with car services.

First we needed a car service to have a planned TS and change the engine’ oil. The workshop we like just closed for reconstruction. In order not to wait an extra week we scheduled an appointment in the MasloMarket - oil specialised service. But when Alex got there at the scheduled time he was told that the worker hasn’t came because he was drunk. How could it even happen in the modern world? So we had to wait till our workshop finished their renovation.

Then our clutch has broken and it takes almost a whole day to change it. And because there’s been a tires changing season our auto service was completely booked up and we couldn’t have our clutch replaced there. After waiting a week we made an appointment in the official Citroen service Nord-Auto. And even so, we had to wait another week.

We’ve been ready and have replaced the light bulbs in the headlights and have bought the towing rope. But the snow started to fall yesterday evening. And there was a lot of snow. The roads were covered with snow and ice so it was no longer possible to tow Citrus. We tried to call Nord-Auto to ask them to tow us, but they didn’t pick up the phone at all. Thus we have total mishaps with the car services.

We’ve called a tow truck and in the morning he took Citrus to the service.

They replaced the clutch and bunch of other things from it and now Citrus, as good as new, is with us again. Hurray!