Pskov day three. Veliky Novgorod.

This night was even more sleepless. I had almost zero sleep and my whole body ached from this stupid couch. Alex managed to have some sleep, but he also suffered more than he slept.

In the morning we’ve splat our duties: i went for a run and Alex stayed at home. I ran on the other embankment and in the park this time. It was cool! The weather was warm and the sky was full of stars. When I came back Alex had already packed our stuff, made us breakfast and tidied up the apartment. I’m a lucky girl.

By some crazy coincidence, landlady’s daughter studies in Tver’ at the medical academy. Therefore we were to hand over a package with food to this daughter.

As we were about to drive we’ve noticed that the parking light on the other side of the car isn’t working. Fortunately it doesn’t affect the driving. And maybe there is a replacement for it in the glove compartment. We’ll deal with it when we’ll get home.

We were driving home on the other road through the Novgorod and further on M10 road. Till Novgorod Alex was at the wheel. The road was fine, but in the couple of places there were again road repairs with reverse traffic.

The grass in Novgorod region for some reason is very green.

We decided to make a stop in Novgorod to walk around a bit. We were circling for about 40 minutes looking for a parking spot. I’ve never thought that here will be any problems with it.

We went to the kremlin right away. It’s beautiful in the city center. Almost nothing has changed since our last visit.

Only arches - Yaroslav’s Court - on the other side of the river were under construction and now they’re open in all their glory. To the right from them behind the trees is our hotel where we were living last time.

As soon as you walk from the city center you find yourself in dirt, devastation and neglect. Veliky Novgorod is nice only around the kremlin and on the embankment, but the other part of the city is yet very depressing.

From Novgorod I was driving and it just so happened that I was driving right till Tver’. Citrus turned out to be great and comfy car. I didn’t even expected it’ll to be so good!

In Tver’ we delivered the "havchik" (as the landlady called her parcel to her daughter) and went straight home.

This trip left a lot of pleasant impressions. It's awesome when the reality exceeds the expectations. Now we have the hope that there are worthy cities in Russia.