Summing up

From our window we can see the tower of Tvers’ TV Broadcast Center, which is lit up with changing lights in the evenings. When in the beginning of the year the quarantine was set up, there was an unblinking inscription “Stay at home” made of these lights. And this description has become the slogan of this year. Not in the way that we were sitting at home all the time, but in the way that this year we’ve spent only a few nights outside our house. Plus, we haven’t been travel abroad at all.

So, all the shortcomings of this year are completely obvious and unpleasant. But it was full of good moments and events too. And I must concentrate my attention on them, while kicking out this year.

Top-20 of year 2020:

  1. We were driving in Spain.
  2. Redesigned Alex’ site.
  3. Finished and lunched my site.
  4. Made the game’ design for the first time.
  5. Released Spass.
  6. Changed our old washing machine for a fancy new one.
  7. Sorted out all photos from 2019.
  8. Bought a car.
  9. Learned to drive manual again.
  10. Visited several new cities.
  11. Made some progress in my Swedish.
  12. Improved written english (by translating my blog).
  13. A lantern was repaired in our courtyard (which hasn’t been working for 10 years).
  14. Walked a lot in the different forests (cause of quarantine).
  15. Happily watched the seasons change.
  16. Watched an awful amount of movies and series.
  17. Listened to all episodes of this year of 6 my loved podcasts.
  18. Mastered the second calligraphy alphabet.
  19. Released beta-version of Monly.
  20. Began to see more positive even in the negative.