«Vasilevo» museum.

In the morning by «Lastochka» you can quick and comfy reach Torzhok. You can also have a cozy breakfast on the way. In Torzhok by minibus we went to the turn to Mitino and walked from where through the Mitinskiy lesopark to Vasilevo. It's very cold and windy outside, but you can warm up by walking fast.

Just across the river there is en entrance to the open air museum «Vasilevo». The entrance fee is 100 rub. It's worth it 100%.

On the museum territory original houses and buildings are collected. They are creations of folk wooden architecture. They are stunning! And it’s very interesting to look closely at the details of the buildings.

The church is most immersive. It’s huge, completely wooden construction, and is still in great condition. The interior is also preserved.

It’s not very comfortable to walk because of wind and cold, but there almost no-one beside us too.

Another powerful impression is «Chertov Most». It’s a massive bridge builded of stones and has some side rooms. It looks threateningly and walking on it is like walking in the past.

Though you walk on the whole territory like you’re in the past and sometimes even forgot you’re in the 21th century.

The fire station. How people lived, how sensitive they were.