Blue lakes day one.

This year we’ve had to cancel all holidays trips and almost all weekend trips. And now we’ve, finally, managed to get out of city for a day. We were choosing a place near to home (so we’ll be able to get there) and deep into the woods (so we could fully embrace the nature).

In winter it isn’t an easy task to choose a place to have a breakfast in. If in summer you can turn on almost any secondary road and search a cosy place there, then in winter not all big roads to the villages exist at all (there are only signs to the village and a big snowdrift instead of the road). “Green” stops in winter aren’t easy to make also.

The asphalt on the highway has disappeared in some places, but we’ve got to the destination quite well. It’s a wonderful place near the water close to the former sanatorium. We’ve transferred all bags into the house and went for a walk to gain an appetite. I thought that there is almost no-one living in the village, but there is a lot of people here and life is bubbling. Everything around is so white-white, such a contrast with the city.

We’ve returned fully inspired to prepare dinner on the grill.

We’ve got with us coal, which is around two years old. We’ve found out that coal (even if it was kept inside the house) can become damp and be absolutely useless as the winter branches are. So, we had a very beautiful campfire, but it was small and not very hot.

While Alex was busy trying to get the coal burn, I was running around the territory trying to catch the leaving sun.

We’ve ended up with Alex roasting the meat inside the house and me cooking my dinner on this tiny fire.

In the evening we went for a walk. At first it was more or less light outside.

But the deeper we went into the woods, the darker it was. I’ve never walked in such dark forest before. Everything around you is changing dramatically and looks like something out of this world. It’s a bit creepy, but very cool at the same time.

When we come home, we’ve turned up the decorative lights and I‘ve had a feeling that we are celebrating the new year: we live in the wooden house in the forest, everything around covered with white snow, we’ve cooked dinner on the campfire, we’ve dined outside, we’ve spent almost all day walking in the forest and now we have a twinkling lights in the dark. It’s just magical!

And it’s so quiet around us. And the sky is full of stars in the complete darkness.