Blue lakes day two.

It’s very unusual to sleep in such silence and darkness. You can’t hear absolutely nothing and without the light you can’t see anything, even shapes! We wanted to go for a run in the morning, so we slept until it was light enough outside. We’ve ran on the road, which goes to the village. It’s very good cleaned and goes through the forest. It was a bit dark yet at first and Alex turned on the flashlight (but it seems like all the wild animals and birds were still sleeping and we haven’t met any of them). It’s so cool to run here! You have a snow-white road ahead and snow-covered and height to the sky trees on the sides.

We had breakfast on the porch outside again. How wonderful it is to have your own house! We didn’t want to leave at all. I wish we could live here at least a week.

The highway on the way back is a lot worse. There is hole on hole. Dirt and stones from the passing by cars are constantly flying around. At some point we’ve ran out of washer fluid (it’s good that we now have a rule to carry a spare can in the trunk) and we were driving like we were in the tank, while searching for a place to stop. You actually could see some kind of shapes of the cars, but these holes! Awful-awful experience. It’s a miracle that we’ve managed to pass by all the holes and find a place to refill the liquid (but Alex was covered in dirty splashes from the road, while he was filling it).

We returned with a feeling that we haven’t been home for a month. I love these little reboot trips!